From Personas to People: Usability Testing GPSTC’s Redesigned Website

A year after helping the Georgia Public Safety Training Center figure out their personas, we tested their newly redesigned website with real users.

The Four Tenets of Georgia’s Digital Presence

Putting problems, people, context, and content first.

Behind the Scenes of Georgia’s New Census Website: A Focus on Usability

We worked closely with subject-matter experts at the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget to create an easy-to-understand site for the average Georgian.

Addressing Agency Needs with Personas

Moving forward, we want to address the challenges of our agency partners and communicate with them effectively. To get our team and vendors on the same page, we’ve put together 6 personas.

GOVTalks: How to Structure Content for 5 User Types

How do your users make decisions and gather information? Learn about 5 behavioral patterns and what they mean for your digital presence.

Write for Alexa — Even if You Just Have a Website

Preparing Alexa-friendly content had a steep learning curve. See our lessons learned on writing for conversational interfaces. These tips will help your content no matter how you present it!

State of Georgia launches its first Alexa Skill: Ask GeorgiaGov

Through technology and design we can lessen the friction between Georgians and government services. This extends far beyond our previous focus of websites. To fulfill this mission, we've published Ask GeorgiaGov, an Alexa skill.

The Business of Helping Citizens, Not Building Websites

Citizens need services now, not when it’s convenient for us. That's why we provided persona and information architecture consultation to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, an agency whose website is not on the GeorgiaGov platform.

Digital Ecosystems, Part 3: Cultivating a Holistic Digital Strategy

A holistic digital strategy should enable your organization to manage citizen experience and your digital presence.

Understanding Your Audience

From internal enterprise systems to mobile and web-based applications, we need to understand who we’re really working for … Who is our target audience? Learn how to find and focus on your core users, and how to perfect your digital strategy to best accommodate them.