Getting Started with Google Search Console in Google Analytics

We can't ask every user what they're looking for on our site. So, we rely on tools such as Google Search Console for clues. Learn how to strategize around your users' goals with Google Search Console.

What Analytics Should You Care About?

Google Analytics can quickly become overwhelming. There’s so much to take in and you can lose yourself in an endless sea of data. Not sure where to start? We’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Understanding Your Audience

From internal enterprise systems to mobile and web-based applications, we need to understand who we’re really working for … Who is our target audience? Learn how to find and focus on your core users, and how to perfect your digital strategy to best accommodate them.

Why Data Must Be a Part of Your Business Decisions

Oftentimes in state government, agencies have a lot of data, but they aren’t sure what to do with it. Learn how to approach data in a way that serves your business needs.

Turning Meaningless Data into Meaningful Data

How data is presented is just as important as the data itself. Business context provides the framework for discovery and deep analysis.

Don’t think you need internal site search? Think again.

Your users are telling you what they want from your site. Listen to them!

Google Analytics FAQs

Learn some Google jargon and how you can use Google Analytics to improve your website!

Think Small

Big data is a big buzzword these days. But what about small data?

Give the People What They Want!

Every industry website has a common goal: It must provide answers to users' questions. Put your content first!

Webforms: An Easy Way to Collect Data

If you're on the GeorgiaGov platform, use the Webform content type to easily collect information from users.