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A wrist watch, all its parts separate but visible as to how it will come together

What Our Engineering Team Wants You To Know

What's one thing engineers wish project stakeholders understood about web developers/development? We asked the question and here are the responses.

Our very own superhero, ready to fight the storm

Designing with Crisis in Mind

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) contacted GTA’s Office of Digital Services (DSGa) with hopes of joining GovHub. 

Illustration of a hand placing paper cutouts of furniture in an overhead room layout.

Why Use Wireframes?

We have colors, we have fonts, we have photos… Why not use them?

Wireframes allow you to scale back and focus on what is important.

Not sure which you need? Check with your site's Editorial lead, or ask us!

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a structured database with information about digital systems administered by DSGa.

Certification Course

DSGa offers a workshop series designed for agencies to comply with plain language, usability, and accessibility standards.