Why Use Wireframes?

We have colors, we have fonts, we have photos… Why not use them?

Wireframes allow you to scale back and focus on what is important.

How To Successfully Critique Design

Providing design feedback that is effective is a difficult task. As a stakeholder, your feedback can have a large impact, so it's important that it is on target and constructive.

Built With the People

The mission of Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) is to make people’s interaction with Georgia state government frictionless, empowering, and symbiotic!

The Four Tenets of Georgia’s Digital Presence

Putting problems, people, context, and content first.

Building Brand Trust through Design Systems

Branding helps set organizational expectations for customer interactions. Branding is critical for those who need to understand how they are perceived and assess if it is a true reflection of your organization’s values.

GTA Homepage Refresh

When you have all the right information on your site, but no one's finding it, maybe it's time for a homepage makeover. Take a look into the process.

Digital Ecosystems for Government, Part 2: Why Do We Need Them?

What happens when you don’t think about the big picture? Here are the key reasons every organization should consider a digital ecosystem.

Digital Ecosystems for Government, Part 1: What are they?

Unlike a natural ecosystem, a digital ecosystem is designed — planned and implemented. What can we, as government agencies, learn from nature and from private businesses when it comes to building our own digital ecosystems?

Add Columns to Your Site!

Our team is excited to announce the addition of Columns to certain pages on agency sites. Columns help agencies diversify their layouts and increase readability for citizens. Content managers can learn more with our Columns Manual or by registering for our upcoming webinar!

The Three Tenets of Georgia’s Web Presence

Learn why users, content, and mobile always come first.