As you read around our site and talk with us about your website, you might come across some words that you don't know. Or maybe your understanding of the word doesn't seem to match up with how we use it.

It's vital in any project for everyone involved to speak the same language.

  • Absolute URL

    An absolute URL is a full web path. A relative URL is a link that is formatted with a partial web path and points to specific content on your site.

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  • Accessibility / Accessible

    Content that is easily understood, navigated, and used by people with disabilities.

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  • Alternative (Alternate) Text

    A text description for an image. Search engines and screen readers present alternative text for site visitors who have visual disabilities.

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  • Content Management System (CMS)

    A system designed to manage the content of a website. The Digital Services Georgia CMS is built using Drupal 8.

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  • Content Type

    The particular formatting a content item uses. Examples include Blog Entries, Photo Galleries, Site Pages, and Press Releases. Each of these comes with structuring specific to that type of content.

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  • Data Visualization (Data Viz)

    The representation of information, often numerical data, in the form of a chart, diagram, or picture.

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  • Domain Name

    A unique name or value that identifies a site.

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  • Information Architecture (IA)

    The most basic way to organize, structure, and label content on your site so that information is easy to find and navigate.

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  • Landing Page

    Digital Services Georgia refers to a landing page as a webpage that allows similar layout options as the homepage. You can use a landing page to introduce a major section of your content, such as a division or large program.

    A landing page can also be defined as the first page a visitor views during a session, known as the entrance page.

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  • Open Source

    The program's source code is freely available to the public. The Digital Services Georgia platform is a highly customized and secure open source platform for which features and enhancements are developed and shared with all platform users.

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  • Persona

    Profile of an imaginary person who would use your website. Personas represent your actual users but are not real people. Personas can portray the age, education, frustrations, goals, and other basic information of your users.

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  • Production Site

    This is your live, public-facing site. Any changes made to your production site will appear within 1 hour and are visible to everyone who visits your site.

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  • Relative URL

    A relative URL is a partial web path and points to specific content on your site.

    Relative URL: /education
    Absolute URL:

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  • Responsive Design

    Websites that adapt to different-sized devices like phones, tablets, wearable devices, etc. Digital Services Georgia websites are responsive and will adapt to any device type or size.

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  • Staging Site

    A replica of your production site, but not public-facing. Only those with login credentials can access the staging site. This lets you "practice" using features or test the way something will appear without making it public.

    • Drupal 8 staging URL:
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  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)

    A person with expert knowledge in a field or topic.

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  • User Experience (UX)

    The overall experience of a person using a product like a website, especially in terms of how easy it is to use.

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  • User Experience Design (UXD)

    The practice of developing a product that is user-focused, enhancing the user's satisfaction with the product.

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  • User Interface (UI)

    How a website is laid out and how users interact with it. It is what the users see when they visit a site.

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  • Web Publishing Platform

    The content management system Digital Services Georgia maintains. State agencies publish public-facing content on the web publishing platform.

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  • Wireframe

    Simple sketch of the key information that goes on each webpage. Wireframes typically don't include colors, fonts, or images.

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