GovHub Training

Below are the topics covered and additional resources for the GovHubTraining classes.

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GovHub Basic 

  • Review of Content Libraries & Trash Libraries
  • Alert
  • Bios
    • Embedding a Contact
  • Events
    • Embedding a Location
  • FAQs
  • How Do I? 
  • News 
  • Topic Page
    • Linking to a Document vs. Embedding a Document
    • Embeds
  • Document Management
    • Replace Everywhere
  • Menus
    • Basic Editing
  • Webforms
    • Basic Management
  • Landing Page
    • Basic Management

GovHub Advanced

  • Landing page
    • Editing Micro-Content
    • Moving Content
  • Taxonomy
    • Adding Terms
    • Tagging Content
  • Listing page
    • Curated Lists
    • Automatic Lists
      • Taxonomy Tagging
  • Organization
  • Program / Service
  • Webforms 

Additional Resources

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DSGa Knowledge Base
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