Added Security with Federated User Authentication

Digital Services Georgia is introducing federated authentication for all websites migrating to Drupal 8; providing content management access to multiple sites on the GovHub platform through a single set of login credentials.

The Four Tenets of Georgia’s Digital Presence

Putting problems, people, context, and content first.

Content Manager’s Guide to the 3 Principles, Part 2: Image and Videos

Government websites need to be responsive, accessible, and performant. And it’s not just the website container; it’s also the everything inside of them. If you’re publishing images and videos on your website, see what steps you need to take to make them adhere to the 3 guiding principles.

Content Manager’s Guide to the 3 Principles, Part 1: Text, Tables and Documents

We build agency websites to be responsive, accessible, and performant. But the effort doesn’t stop with us. What can you, as the website’s content managers, do to make sure your websites stand up to these 3 principles?

The Three Tenets of Georgia’s Web Presence

Learn why users, content, and mobile always come first.

Making Our Sites Faster, Part 1: Performance Matters

My website loads quickly for me at work on my desktop. Does that mean I have good performance rates? Not necessarily…

Bringing Infographics to, Part 2: Problem Solving

See how we ensured our infographics are responsive and accessible.

3 Things You Can Learn From My Time at An Event Apart Atlanta

An Event Apart is a conference for people who build websites. Since all of you couldn't make it, here are the things I would hope for our agency web content managers to take away from the conference.

My Website Is Responsive! Now What?

In May 2012, we launched a major redesign to Along with a new look, we gave it the ability to respond to the user's device. Then in 2014, we rolled out this responsive ability to the rest of the GeorgiaGov platform.

(Image) Size Matters

Images are one of the most bandwidth-intensive items a typical user will encounter on your site. With limited data available to most users per month, these large images can quickly eat up that limit.