The Digital Services Georgia team trains state agency content managers on topics relevant to our web publishing platform. We offer Editor's Training and Advanced Editor's Training classes throughout the year for new agencies, users, and those wanting to brush up on their skills. We also provide training on specific topics and new features as needed.

For additional training resources, you can search our self-help portal to learn more about your website.

Upcoming Events


Create Successful Landing Pages in D8

Atlanta /

It can be difficult to know when you need an Landing page or when a Topic page will suffice. This workshop will help you decide between the two and also teach out which elements you can use and how to layout your pages.


Certified Course: State Certified Content Specialist

Atlanta /

Digital Services Georgia offers a series of 6, half-day workshops on content and understanding your audience. These courses are designed as a hands-on approach for state agencies to improve their content strategy, writing, and best practices for accessibility.

Editor's Training

Editor’s Training is for anyone new to the platform who edits and publishes content on your site.

Advanced Editor's Training

Advanced Editor’s Training is for those who frequently work with their agency site and are the main point of contact for managing content.

Content Specialist Certification

Come to our 6-part workshop series. Topics address content strategy, writing, and best practices for accessibility.

Reach your audience better with a focused digital strategy.


Attend the Course

Registration is closed. We have not yet scheduled the next course.

If you attended our most recent course, ending March 12, please send us any remaining assignments, your supervisor's name, and your work mailing address. Good luck on the test!