What To Expect With Your Migration

DSGa's new digital platform was built to ensure our agencies have everything necessary for their users - the citizens of Georgia. Citizens won’t lose access to your site with the migration to Drupal 8, but they will notice the changes when you migrate your agency’s website to Georgia GovHub.

Building Georgia’s Digital System

Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) is building a new digital system for the people and with the people, working with the agencies we work with to assist the Georgians who will be interacting with this system.

Built With the People

The mission of Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) is to make people’s interaction with Georgia state government frictionless, empowering, and symbiotic!

Putting our money where our mouth is: Procuring government digital services

As we embark on our replatforming project, we're looking for vendor partners who share our same values.

Georgia’s digital platform: Building with the people to serve where they are

We're getting ready to build a digital platform in light of compliance, consistency, and collaboration. To get there, we're taking a modular approach to procurement.

Stop Preaching, Start Supporting

Support is best served as a collaborative, team effort. Recently, we changed our support process and are excited about the changes and how it has empowered our users to answer their own questions.

We’re Adding More Security to Your Sites with HTTPS

Following the recent Federal Government “HTTPS-Only Standard”, we are migrating all GeorgiaGov platform sites to the HTTPS protocol. The change will protect our brands and all who visit our sites.

Need a New Site? Try Digital Services Georgia

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to own your website which is why we do all of the hard work while you just maintain your content. There are some really great benefits that come with moving to the GeorgiaGov platform.

Three Common Challenges for Building a Website with SharePoint

There are business and technical challenges when it comes to building, implementing, maintaining, and supporting SharePoint.

Digital Ecosystems for Government, Part 2: Why Do We Need Them?

What happens when you don’t think about the big picture? Here are the key reasons every organization should consider a digital ecosystem.