Journey to the top of Maslow’s pyramid with GovHub

The DSGa team just finished migrating 80+ websites to GovHub, Georgia’s official digital platform powered by Drupal 8. While this may seem like the end of a long trip, the real journey is just about to begin!

DrupalCon Seattle: A business/product owner’s view of the Drupal community

This year's DrupalCon had the highest attendance ever and is said by many to be the best yet. Nikhil shares his insights from the conference, covering where Drupal is now, where it's going, and even a special shoutout to the work we're doing in Georgia.

Addressing Agency Needs with Personas

Moving forward, we want to address the challenges of our agency partners and communicate with them effectively. To get our team and vendors on the same page, we’ve put together 6 personas.

Join the State of Georgia's New Digital Center of Excellence

Georgia state agency members: Want to shape Georgia’s digital future? Join the Digital Center of Excellence!

GOVTalks: Georgia's Digital Roadmap

A holistic digital strategy should enable your organization to manage citizen experience and your digital presence.

Announcing: Digital Services Georgia

The scope of digital services has expanded past website and application delivery. To address the growing scope of digital service needs, the GeorgiaGov Interactive team will expand its offerings in the form of the Office of Digital Services.

The Business of Helping Citizens, Not Building Websites

Citizens need services now, not when it’s convenient for us. That's why we provided persona and information architecture consultation to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, an agency whose website is not on the GeorgiaGov platform.

Stop Preaching, Start Supporting

Support is best served as a collaborative, team effort. Recently, we changed our support process and are excited about the changes and how it has empowered our users to answer their own questions.

Why Sharing Value is the Most Important Step in Decision-Making

As managers and decision-makers, it’s important that we make the right decisions for our teams and business. However, sometimes our decisions aren’t received well because we fail to communicate the value of the decisions to our team.

A Call For More Social Diversity And Less Technical Diversity

The keynote at this year's Drupal GovCon brought up a topic well known but rarely discussed … Diversity in the tech industry.