Building Georgia’s Digital System

Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) is building a new digital system for the people and with the people, working with the agencies we work with to assist the Georgians who will be interacting with this system.

Putting our money where our mouth is: Procuring government digital services

As we embark on our replatforming project, we're looking for vendor partners who share our same values.

GOVTalks: The Future of Your Digital Information

As we plan to migrate GeorgiaGov platform sites into Drupal 8, we have a few goals in mind to address agency and user challenges. In the meantime, we can all start readying our content now for the migration.

Putting Our Best Face Forward: Business Case for Content Strategy

Your agency goals are more closely tied to your digital content than you may realize. It's time to prioritize!

Form Etiquette, Part 3: Making Forms User Friendly, Mobile Friendly, and Accessible

Better form design yields better results. In a few simple steps, we can make our forms more user friendly, mobile friendly, and accessible.

Form Etiquette, Part 2: Every Question Has a Cost

Whether your form is paper, PDF, or interactive, if you are considerate of your respondents’ time, feelings, and privacy, it will goes a long way to establish trust and improve your organization’s relationship with the very people you want to reach with your form.

Form Etiquette, Part 1: Four Checkpoints of Form Etiquette

Fillable forms are a great way to gather information online — but only if they’re effective. Are you asking the right questions? Are your forms secure, usable, and considerate? If not, you may not be getting the engagement you should be.

Locations: Get a Mapping and Listing Upgrade

Check out these improvements to our platform's Locations content type! New listing views, geolocated maps and services offered take your locations pages to the next level.

Why We Care About Web Accessibility

We’ve received a national award for our recent Accessible Platform Initiative! This important initiative improved access to information across nearly 80 state websites. See the driving motivation behind the work.

Our 3 Guiding Principles for Product Development

A key component of our User First philosophy is a requirement that all new development work be responsive, accessible, and performant. Learn why these 3 qualities are the most important in product development for state agencies, and how we maintain focus on our guiding principles.