6.1.1 Agency Logo

  1. An agency logo may include a pictograph, a symbol or a typographic treatment, or any combination of these.
  2. An Agency logo shall include the name of the organization spelled out.
  3. If an agency owns an existing logo that uses only a pictograph or seal, the agency name must be added.
  4. An agency logo may be only a typographical treatment.

Example: Agency Logo


6.1.2 Cobranding

  1. Agencies shall cobrand website pages with the State of Georgia GeorgiaGov logo. Website pages cobranded with GeorgiaGov shall display the GeorgiaGov logo at the very top left of the website page in a "shared hat" (reference section 6.2) in the top 25 pixels of the page. The agency logo should appear at a larger size below the GeorgiaGov logo, in the “page header” area.

    Example: Cobranding with GeorgiaGov


  2. Agencies may cobrand website pages with other agencies. Website pages cobranded with another agency shall display the logo of the agency which is the primary owner of state business presented on the page in the top left, with any additional organizations listed by name only below the logo.