PSG Number: SA-14-002
Topical Area: Web Design and Development
Issue Date: March 14, 2014
Effective Date: May 15, 2014
Document Type: Standard; Published (approved by Web Standards Group and GTA)
POC for Changes: Digital Services Georgia
Synopsis: Design techniques to support branding of State of Georgia websites

6.0.1 Purpose

The brand standards are designed to establish and support the common branding of websites of all State of Georgia entities and affiliated organizations. The purpose of this resource is to maintain integrity and consistency in every aspect of State product, service and business marketing. It is to maintain a consistent look and feel among all State websites, while still holding onto the individual identity of each agency. This standard presents common elements for all State of Georgia websites.


Information Technology Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PM-04-001)

6.0.3 Introduction

All agencies for the State of Georgia that own, create, and maintain public facing websites shall adhere to the following minimum standards for website brand design. These standards shall be implemented on all new websites, as well as on any website redesigns or refreshes.