Siteimprove FAQs

We will regularly update this list with the questions that are asked by Siteimprove users.

  • Where do I register for Siteimprove training?

    We'll hold regular classes. Register for a class by visiting our Siteimprove training calendar

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  • How do I request access to Siteimprove for me or someone on my team?

    Go to our Support Desk and choose the option "Siteimprove User Access" to request access. Please provide the email address and agency website with your request.

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  • Where do I go to log into Siteimprove?

    You can login at and click the Sign In button in the top right corner.

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  • What dashboard are available for me to see?

    Siteimprove has several built-in dashboards that come with your access to the tool. DSGa has created 2 customized dashboards: a Content Manager Dashboard and an Executive Dashboard. Each of these dashboards contain modules that provide quick and easy-to-understand data for each level of operations. 

    The Executive Dashboard provides a high-level view of how well the site is doing. The Content Manager Dashboard provides further insights to quality assurance, policies, and accessibilities.

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