GovHub Analytics

As a Georgia government agency, you strive to provide people with quick and easy access to the services they need. So, how well is your website helping you to achieve this goal? DSGa can help you know with GovHub Analytics. This service, which allows you to monitor, measure, and improve your website's performance, is included as a part of your GovHub subscription. 

Powered by Siteimprove, GovHub Analytics provides the tools and information to assess, analyze, and report the effectiveness of your website in three key areas: Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Search Engine Optimization:

  • Ensure Content Quality – Review, assess, and address issues that affect the quality of your content and the information it provides. Are all your links working? Is your content easy to read and scan? Is the information current?
  • Increase Digital Accessibility – GovHub Analytics automatically audits your site to see how well it's adhering to federally mandated WCAG 2.0 guidelines, and then offers guidance on how to improve. By making recommended changes, you can ensure your site provides a great experience for all your users. 
  • Improve SEO – As a GovHub agency partner, your site already is built with features like searchability, domain authority, load time, security and mobile-friendliness. GovHub Analytics' helps to identify issues that can help make your content easier to find, more readable, relevant, and unique -- all qualities that enhance SEO and improve your overall user experience. 

Who Has Access?

GovHub Analytics is available to content managers after successfully completing training. Customized reports will be available for executive level staff to provide the information needed to address website issues.

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GovHub Analytics FAQs

We will regularly update this list with the questions that are asked by GovHub Analytics users.