Vendor Partner Pool

Since January 2018, Digital Services Georgia has been busy going through a rigorous procurement to build several vendor partner pools. These partners will help us, state agencies, and elected officials in building an enterprise digital platform and supporting our digital needs moving forward.

As we inch towards working on our digital platform, we are looking forward to working with the following vendors who have proved themselves market leaders to handle our projects. We will announce additional partners over time as we award contracts in each stream.

Development Partners

Announced April 3, 2018, our development vendor partners are:

Design Partner

Announced May 14, 2018, our design vendor partner is IDEO.

Content Partners

Announced May 14, 2018, our content vendor partners are:

Learn More: Projects and Process

To learn more about the projects we are planning and the procurement process of vetting vendors, visit our blog:

If our work helps you in any way, please email us or let us know!