Page Add-Ons

Combine page add-ons with stand-alone content types for a more complete experience.


Add This
Provide buttons at the bottom of a content region, such as Blog Entries, for easy social sharing.

Buttons with icons for Facebook, Twitter, Print and Email


Organize complex Site Pages and Blog Entries. Add up to 4 side-by-side columns. Choose a content type — Related Links, Image, Text Area, Video, Infographic, and Related Files. Learn how to use Columns.


Content Header
Header image to place at the top of a content region, such as Press Releases.

A news release from the State Board of Pardons and Paroles


Twitter Cards
Give structure to links to your web pages any time it’s in a Tweet. Learn how to use Twitter Cards.

An image of a person with binoculars with the article's title and summary beneath it


You Might Like
A list at the bottom of all Blog Entries to automatically suggest 3 related Blog Entries, as determined by an algorithm.

An example of a 'You might like...' submission