Structure Your Content

Over the course of the next two years, the Digital Services Georgia team will architect, design, and develop the next version of the Georgia GovHub using Drupal 8, and partner with agencies to migrate existing websites. We’re using this opportunity to address challenges that our state agency content managers face with the current platform, as well as improve functionality for our end users.

Content Types & Modules

Do you know how to prepare your content for the upcoming platform migration to Drupal 8? Hint: Not everything should be in the WYSIWYG box of a site page. Take advantage of the content types and modules on the current Georgia GovHub to turn your blobs of content into structured chunks.

In these pages, you will find a full list and examples of:

More on Structuring Content and Preparing for Drupal 8

GOVTalks: The Future of Your Digital Information

Read how we're planning the migration to Drupal 8, our goals for addressing agency and user challenges, and what you can do now to ready your content.

In November 2016, we introduced the concept of unstructured blobs and structured chunks of content. Learn what they are in Director of Product Kendra Skeene's talk.