Becoming Accessible With Captions and Transcripts

Captioning and providing transcripts for multimedia content is a common way to serve deaf and hard-of-hearing web users. But not only do we need to keep our text and image content accessible; we also need to keep in mind our video and audio content as well.

Rewriting Our Accessibility Statement

Learn about our updates to the GeorgiaGov platform's accessibility statement.

Understanding Users With Disabilities

A variety of disabilities exist requiring the need for more than one solution to meet their accessibility needs.

The Benefits of Continuous Learning

Conferences are great. They help you grow personally, professionally, and intellectually.

The Effect of Broken Links

Get some quick tips on how to keep your website happy and healthy.

The Benefits of Blogging

Yes. It's worth it. Even for government.

Don’t “Click Here”

But really. Don't do it.