We’re sure you’re excited to get your website up and running. This guide will help you through the process of what you will need to do to be ready. Below is a checklist you can refer to as you move along. The rest of this guide will explain what you need in order to accomplish each of these tasks.

Website Setup Checklist

  • Gather and write your content
  • Do a content inventory
  • Write (or rewrite) your content to be web friendly
  • Gather images and graphics
  • Gather any files (such as PDFs) you need to make available
  • Take advantage of Drupal’s content features
  • Determine your main menu structure
  • Determine your Homepage content
  • Pick a Theme
  • Attend Training
  • Put your content on your website!

You’ll notice that the LAST thing on your checklist is to add your content to the website. We don’t want to put the cart before the horse - the best way to make sure your information is easy to find and understand on your website is to get your content written and organized first, before building out web pages. Creating a number of “Under construction” pages won’t help you OR your site visitors.

Ready? Let’s get started!