We look forward to talking with you about the next steps we're taking on the road to Digital Maturity.

GOVTalks: Spring 2021 Agenda

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Calvin Rhodes
Chief Information Officer, Georgia Technology Authority


Keynote: Digital Maturity 

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, Georgia Technology Authority

Kelly Farr
Director, Governor's Office of Planning and Budget


Closing the Loop: Our Collaborative Path Forward

It’s been over a year since we’ve talked about the migration to GovHub migration. But in that time, we’ve kept moving our way around the feedback loop. In this talk, we’ll walk you through an especially pertinent example: updating Alerts. Learn how we gather feedback from you (our agency stakeholders) and users of your websites, and what we do to mature our GovHub and Orchard products to make them the best they can be. Finally, we’ll take a look at where this all took us with a sneak peek at the coming updates!

Julie Fay
UX Analyst, Digital Services Georgia

Donna Sumner 
Project Manager, Digital Services Georgia 


Report Your Success with GovHub Analytics

During last year’s GOVTalks, we introduced you to GovHub Analytics, powered by Siteimprove. This year, we’ll take a deeper dive into the reporting feature of the tool. Learn how reports can be used to measure areas of your site that you want to pay attention to, how to create your own reports, and how a few of our agency partners are utilizing the Content Manager report to improve their visitor experience.

Ericca Farrington
Outreach Coordinator, Digital Services Georgia

12:00 Lunch Breakout Sessions

IA Training: Importance of Prioritizing Your Content

Government websites are often complicated and overwhelming for users, but we’re trying to fix that! Information architecture is the connective tissue that makes your content easier for users to discover and navigate. If everything is a top priority, then nothing is. Users need hierarchy and fewer choices at one time. The more successful you are at providing information and services online, the fewer phone calls and frustrated constituents you’ll have.

Will Alford
Director of Content, Digital Services Georgia

Ann Masters
Content Strategist, Digital Services Georgia


Build Better Webforms

Many of you already use webforms on your GovHub website. Let’s discuss how to take advantage of everything that webforms have to offer to improve your internal processes and your user’s experience.

Rachel Hart
UI Designer, Digital Services Georgia


Learning with DSGA

Learn about the new paths we’re taking with our training program so that we can help you be successful with your digital content.

Yen Tang
Director of Outreach, Digital Services Georgia

2:30 Wrap-Up

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