Content Blocks

Display content on the homepageLanding Pages, and on certain areas of internal pages. Blocks offer certain automated content, interactive forms, and aggregated content.

Agency Alerts
Post an emergency alert to the top of the homepage in the event of an office closing, etc. Learn how to use Agency Alerts.

An Agency Alert box with a title, short summary, and link to Read More.


Aggregate Content
List the latest Events, Press Releases, and Blog Entries. New content adds automatically when published.

A News Releases box, showing the title, date, and summary of the latest Press Release.


Featured Blog & Popular Posts
Visually highlight the latest Blog Entry and promote up to 4 manually-selected Entries. These blocks are designed to work together, but can be used separately. Learn how to use Featured Blog and Popular Posts.

Two boxes next to the each other. The box on the left includes a large image, title, topic, date, author, and summary. The box on the right, titled Popular Posts, includes a list of 4 blog post titles, each with topics involved and a date.


Most Searched Items
Display an automatically populated list with the most searched terms on the site.


Provide a simple form for subscription to email newsletters such as MailChimp and Constant Contact.

A box titled "Subscribe to News" with a field to enter Email Address.


Create Tiles for an eye-catching way to highlight top content. Use icons or images to link to pages on or off your site. Learn how to use Tiles.

Screenshot of 3 colorful squares in a row. Each square has an icon and link text.