Twitter Cards, Part 2: Using Twitter Cards on Your Site

Structure your Tweets! Once you've enabled Twitter cards on your site, you can use the default settings or jump deeper into customizations.

Usability Testing, Part 3: Testers and Tools

In this final installation of our three-part series, we will briefly discuss what makes someone a good tester as well as some of the tools you can use to conduct your testing.

Three Common Challenges for Building a Website with SharePoint

There are business and technical challenges when it comes to building, implementing, maintaining, and supporting SharePoint.

Twitter Cards, Part 1: Structure Your Social Media Content

Make your social posts more effective with Twitter Cards.

Form Etiquette, Part 3: Making Forms User Friendly, Mobile Friendly, and Accessible

Better form design yields better results. In a few simple steps, we can make our forms more user friendly, mobile friendly, and accessible.

Content Strategy: Why Your Business Goals Come First

Find out why your own business objectives come before your user goals.

Form Etiquette, Part 2: Every Question Has a Cost

Whether your form is paper, PDF, or interactive, if you are considerate of your respondents’ time, feelings, and privacy, it will goes a long way to establish trust and improve your organization’s relationship with the very people you want to reach with your form.

Form Etiquette, Part 1: Four Checkpoints of Form Etiquette

Fillable forms are a great way to gather information online — but only if they’re effective. Are you asking the right questions? Are your forms secure, usable, and considerate? If not, you may not be getting the engagement you should be.

Usability Testing, Part 2: Making a Testing Plan

Part one of this series touched on the preparation involved when performing usability testing. In this second installment, I want to dive a bit deeper into parts of the usability testing plan.

Digital Ecosystems for Government, Part 2: Why Do We Need Them?

What happens when you don’t think about the big picture? Here are the key reasons every organization should consider a digital ecosystem.