Content Strategy: Why Your Business Goals Come First

Find out why your own business objectives come before your user goals.

Form Etiquette, Part 2: Every Question Has a Cost

Whether your form is paper, PDF, or interactive, if you are considerate of your respondents’ time, feelings, and privacy, it will goes a long way to establish trust and improve your organization’s relationship with the very people you want to reach with your form.

GTA Homepage Refresh

When you have all the right information on your site, but no one's finding it, maybe it's time for a homepage makeover. Take a look into the process.

Form Etiquette, Part 1: Four Checkpoints of Form Etiquette

Fillable forms are a great way to gather information online — but only if they’re effective. Are you asking the right questions? Are your forms secure, usable, and considerate? If not, you may not be getting the engagement you should be.

Content Do's and Don’ts

Improve your online content in just a few simple steps! Check out these quick tips to see what you can revise today.

Usability Testing, Part 2: Making a Testing Plan

Part one of this series touched on the preparation involved when performing usability testing. In this second installment, I want to dive a bit deeper into parts of the usability testing plan.

Digital Ecosystems for Government, Part 2: Why Do We Need Them?

What happens when you don’t think about the big picture? Here are the key reasons every organization should consider a digital ecosystem.

Accessibility Within Reach for Drupal 7 Content Managers With WYSIWYG A11yChecker Module

You want your website content to be accessible, but making it so without some help is a laborious endeavor for content managers. We’ve added a Drupal module that makes an automated accessibility checker available right in the WYSIWYG toolbar of your Drupal 7 site.

How Drupal Can Save Taxpayers' Time and Money

We're spreading the news: Georgia's move to Drupal has actually benefited our citizens! Read how.

What Is User-Centered Content Strategy?

Learn how to employ a user-centered content strategy.