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Blog Authorship Credits: Yes or No?

Be personable and helpful to your readers. 

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NEW Drupal Training Resources & Classes

A few months back we asked you what types of Drupal Training resources would be most valuable to...

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How to Grow with a Twitter Townhall

Increasingly, Georgia residents are looking to Twitter to engage with state government. They come...

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Stories Your Data Tell on Social Media

As you run a social campaign, you'll want to gather feedback to find out how you're doing. Enter...

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Like Our New Look?

When we launched the new in April 2011, we knew it was still a work in progress. We had...

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A Developer's World: DrupalCamp Atlanta 2013

Our very own in-house developer, Jenna Tollerson, spent her Saturday doing what every awesome...

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Takeaways from the 2014 GA Digital Government Summit

Buzzwords were aplenty at last week's Georgia Digital Government summit — mobile, the cloud,...

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The Mobile Moment

I’ve been speaking at various events over the years, and during my presentation, I’ve asked the...

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Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design: The Basics

Adaptive and responsive web design are two commonly used approaches to display websites on multiple...

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Who Loves Uploading Files?

State agencies love paperwork. This carries over to the web as an abundance of downloadable files....