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As a team that employs experts in many areas of web design, oftentimes agencies come to us to see how they can improve their existing site – nixing content that is no longer relevant and adding content that is. Agencies on our platform have heard us preach “content is king” and emphasize the importance of updating the content on your website. However, every now and then it’s important to review your analytics to make sure the content you are posting is still relevant and easy to find. With the technology and web industries constantly evolving and changing, it’s important to stay current with best practices in order to make better decisions about the layout and functionality of your site.

The Old Site

Recently, our very own in-house agency, the Georgia Technology Authority, came to us with a business need. Their communications team recognized a disconnect between their users and their website based on increased calls and email inquiries. Users were coming to their site to get answers but weren’t finding them. And because the GTA Communications team follows our blog, they also knew their homepage rotator was outdated and not bringing any value to site visitors. They understood that their website needed to change, they just didn’t know how.

Because the GTA website is already hosted on our platform, it was easy to analyze the data and recommend some changes. The site as a whole has relevant, clear content. But since users weren’t finding the answers they were looking for, we suggested doing a homepage refresh. The refresh would include an evaluation of the homepage as it currently stood and a redesign that would be more user-focused.

The old GTA homepage.

As a division of GTA, our team was excited to tackle this project. With many agency leaders looking to us for design answers, we felt it was important we practice what we preach.

Listen to the Data

To kick off the project, we:

  • Evaluated their site analytics to identify the most viewed pages,
  • Conducted user testing, and
  • Relied on design best practices.

Our findings allowed us to begin crafting a new information architecture (IA) and homepage layout. We used analytics, heat maps and a usability testing tool to determine the overwhelming majority of GTA site visitors are searching for:

  • Birth/death certificate requests, and
  • Georgia Felon Search requests.

The Results

The new homepage provides a clear path for users’ top requests. Birth/death certificate and Felon Search blocks are highlighted on the homepage with attention-grabbing buttons. We deliberately arranged these high-priority items to display near the top of the page on both desktop and mobile views to best serve site users.

Because GTA offers many services to state agencies, it was important that we kept their needs in mind as well. For that reason, we maintained a service emphasis for agencies. We created a search block for agencies to locate their Agency Relationship Manager and a path for vendors who are doing business with GTA.

The new GTA homepage.

Even though this was sort of an “in-house” project, the process was the same as all other projects. We used data to evaluate the current site and a user-centered approach to design the new homepage.

Does Your Site Need a Refresh?

Sometimes you don’t need a complete website overhaul. If your content is right and you’re consistently evaluating what to throw out and what to keep, sometimes all you need is an update or layout refresh. We often find that agencies have the content their users are looking for on their site; Making it successful is just a matter of putting it in the right place.

Need help getting started? Just open a support ticket and our experts will work with you to get you — and your audience — what you need.

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