How Drupal Can Save Taxpayers' Time and Money

In 2016, Kendra Skeene spoke at the Great Wide Open Event sharing how Georgia's move to Drupal has saved taxpayers' time and money.

During her lightning talk, Kendra explained what services the Digital Services Georgia team offers to other state agencies. When you think about what goes into creating and maintaining a website — think: content, design, development, hosting, security, maintenance — it can quickly feel overwhelming. Couple that with the fact that most of the content managers around the state aren't IT experts, nor do they have training in web development, and it can seem like an almost-impossible task.

That's where the Digital Services Georgia team comes in. We take care of all of the efforts needed to have a solid web presence like design, development, hosting, maintenance, and security for all the agencies. Then content managers can focus on perfecting their content.

Why We Love Open Source

Using an open source platform like Drupal allows us to:

  • Focus on agency needs.
  • Strategize how to approach these needs.
  • Prioritize new web development to span across the enterprise platform.

Some of our more recent initiatives, like making all sites responsive and accessible, were implemented using this process. Open source software takes the backend, technical work out of the agency's hands and allows them to focus on developing content for their users.

Currently, our enterprise platform hosts about 75 state agency websites and counting. Not only do agencies receive digital services from our team, but we also provide support and training to over 400 content managers across the state.

Before we moved to Drupal, providing this level of service, support and training was near impossible. But, since the move, we’ve been able to focus our efforts on developing a quality platform, offer valuable training to our agency’s content managers, and make improvements that positively impact our citizens.