Give the People What They Want!

Putting your content first has not only been something the Digital Services Georgia team has been shouting over the mountain tops for years now, but it has also become an industry standard.

Websites have been able to entertain its users with fun imagery, interactive attractions, and, of course, over-the-top bells and whistles like Flash video. Although impressive, some websites have lost its ultimate goal — to give users what they want.

Each industry uses its site in slightly different ways, but every site has a common goal: It must be a place where a user can come and get answers to their questions.

How do you know that you’re getting your message across?

Have you tried using your Google Analytics yet?

Take a look at your Google Analytics and find out what is attracting your visitors and then tailor your content around that. Your analytics will tell you what your users want to find. Start by creating content with strong keywords that are relevant and compelling to your customers. Once you find that trend, closely monitor your keywords and search terms and then put that content front and center.

Search engines look for keywords, key phrases, titles, and descriptions to determine rankings in search results. Content writing takes this into consideration. Appeal to both human visitors (with relevant content) and to search crawlers (with relevant content plus keywords, titles and descriptions).

Drop the flashy image rotators! If you insist on having images, choose meaningful ones. Give these images descriptions that will get high rankings from search engines, rather than worrying about the display of the pictures themselves, or graphic text rendered in Flash. Clever content writing adds value to the visuals on your site.

One last piece of advice: identify patterns based on previous traffic and current traffic trends by using the calendar in Google Analytics — this can yield valuable insights into how traffic can change over time.

As public servants, we are here to provide as much service to the community as possible, not to entertain. Let’s do our part by providing the most relevant and lean content possible.

To learn more, Google has endless Google Analytics resources. We also have a Web Guide on how to get started reading your analytics.

Contact Support if you do not have access to your Google Analytics.

Finally, sign up for our next edition of GOVTalks, where we will talk in depth about your web content!

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