Multi-Screen Resources from Google

Google recently published a couple of fantastic resources that address multi-screen environments:

We have mentioned these points in our conversations surrounding the upcoming responsive migration project, but it's always good to remind ourselves of these important principles:

  • The most important one: Optimize your entire site for mobile. We can’t stress this enough. Always think about your mobile users first.
  • Call to action should be front and center, connecting your users to the content they’re coming for immediately. For most of us, this content is access to online services. Use words such as “Apply for...” and “File for...”. Make them prominent on top and remember that users always scan for these trigger words.
  • Simplify and get rid of clutter, especially on the homepage. Ask questions like: Do we really need those rotators? Do we need the “Commissioner’s Message” on top or can it be lower on the bottom? Remember, tools such as Crazy Egg can help you examine what people are clicking on your homepage.
  • Simplify your menu. Don’t make them click through a lot of pages if the content can be combined into one. And again, if no one is clicking on it, does it need to be on your site?
  • Minimize fields in online forms and use auto-fill when it is appropriate.

If you're part of our platform, don't worry. Digital Services Georgia has adopted the best practices mentioned in these 2 documents. During the responsive migration, we will encourage you to streamline and organize your content to help improve the mobile experience for everyone.

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