A Developer's World: DrupalCamp Atlanta 2013

Our very own in-house developer, Jenna Tollerson, spent her Saturday doing what every awesome Drupal developer loves to do: She attended DrupalCamp Atlanta. My only guess is it was an amazing time of learning, sharing, and meeting like-minded Drupal lovers — so much so that she even had to call in sick the following Monday! (Just teasing, Jenna.)

Most of the camp focused on the new Drupal 8 and all of the excitement and anxiety the new changes are stirring among the community. Here were some of her favorite take-aways from the event:

  • Dan Hansen spoke about Drupal 8's new templating engine, Twig. Twig will help make it easier for designers without PHP knowledge to build templates, and generally improve security by keeping designers from processing unsecure PHP in their themes. Although it's pretty foreign and scary to most Drupal developers, Hansen focused on why it's important for the new version, and how to start getting excited about the direction of Drupal 8.
  • Mapping in Drupal is an exciting new feature that the GeorgiaGov platform is planning to implement soon. Our platform's Drupal developers, Phase2, have been doing a lot of work in this area, and are leaders in knowing what mapping tools are available and which ones are best for your mapping solutions. We're excited to start integrating their expertise so we can better serve our GeorgiaGov platform users.
  • Rob Bates of Phase2 also discussed some of the personal contributions he's made to Drupal's open source community in data integration, and how websites will be able to increase their data usability. With more government agencies looking to integrate their data sets in a way that can be useful and transparent for constituents, the Drupal community is finding ways to integrate data experts and create seamless displays for websites.

There's no official release date for Drupal 8, and right now we're content with all of the features Drupal 7 has to offer. But as technology and websites continue to develop and enhance, we're excited to learn about the changes and new features Drupal has to offer.

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