1. Discover your message. Look at your agency’s constituents, your mission, and the services you provide. What type of message do you want to send?

2. Explore the choices. You can choose a different theme.
Note: Don’t pay attention to the content! Look at the content only to see how headlines and images will display in the various themes. The important thing here is to focus on how each theme renders the same site differently so you can compare the subtle differences.

An example of the D7 footer

3. Find your match. Consult the chart below to find the right match based on the message you desire.


Created for



Elected Officials

Authoritative, official, friendly


Human Services

People-focused, soft, friendly, happy


Law Enforcement, Administrative

Trusted, authoritative, serious, clear, official


Natural Resources

Elegant, natural, calm, local


Consistent user experience with Digital Services Georgia

Simple, clean, official


General services

Friendly, modern, clean, fresh

4. Minimize. Try to have as few people involved in the decision-making as possible. Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion when it comes to design, and having too many people looking at the themes may make it difficult to narrow it down to one.

5. Trust the experts. At this time, we can’t mix and match colors and typefaces from different themes. Each theme’s elements were paired together to create a certain tone. You also can’t choose different colors or typefaces: as mentioned earlier, these colors have been approved by the Department of Economic Development as part of the State's official color palette. And the typefaces were also chosen for readability and legibility.

By carefully creating and customizing each theme to fit our agency's brands and messages, our pallete of choices are proven to offer Georgia constituents with a common user experience while also providing individuality and distinction for your agency's website.