1. Cost-effectiveness. Developing a theme from scratch takes a lot of hours of development, design and testing. By using themes, you save time and money.

2. Ease of editing. The themes are configured so that many blocks of information can drop into many different areas of the site. It’s like a modular shelving unit - you can just pick a box/module and it will fit into the theme without extra development.

3. Accessibility. All themes have been tested in modern browsers and have been designed and built to meet accessibility requirements, from the very beginning of the project. Visual designs were reviewed for color contrast for low-visibility visitors, aiming to meet or exceed WCAG 2.0 (Level AA), and the site is built on the OpenPublic Drupal distribution, which provides improved keyboard and screen reader experience for content creators and editors.

4. Mobile Friendly. All themes are responsive, meaning that they dynamically resize based on the type of device accessing the site.

Won’t my site look like everyone else’s?

Remember, a theme is just a starting point. Your logo and name will be at the top of each page. And a lot of your site’s look and feel depends solely on your content - the images, boxes and functionality that you provide.